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PR Hero(ine)

Wanted: Drone Stories is looking for a PR Hero(ine)/Busybody with a Golden Pen

Full-time · Drone Stories Office

What is up?

We are Drone Stories, storytelling pioneers that use the sky as (y)our canvas. We create and share purpose-driven stories globally that forever change all attending. And of course we also aim to amaze everyone that view/attend our drone shows in other ways. 

Sounds perfect. What can I do?

Drone stories is looking for an enthusiastic all-rounder in the field of PR. You're the boss of, and above all the driver of, all the content created about Drone Stories. Contacting relevant media (online and offline) about (one of) our cool projects, knowing how to stimulate them with creative approaches and targeted press content and ultimately ensuring that our stories are seen by more people. What is essential here, is that you proactively take charge.

The people you will mainly interact with are Rebecca (our pillar of strength). In addition, you have Brandclick (branding and storytelling agency) behind you, our marketing partner who can help you with content (copy, video, design and photography/video). Our main strength is we're all in it together, making the most of our experience and thus maximising our collective output!

However, the main approach remains that you can work independently as much as possible. Being able to write strong press releases yourself is a must. In addition, you will be present at all kinds of Drone Stories related projects. Thus, you must be able to shoot slick snaps and cool videos plus quickly edit them to cool, shareable content. 

What are the requirements?

  • You are available at least 4 days a week
  • You have experience in the ever-changing world of PR, which means you possess an extensive network, you know how to approach people, and how to frame and 'sell' our unique stories
  • Traveling is your thing, meaning you don't mind traveling far and wide frequently to be present at our projects and generate buzz
  • You're golden pen is renowned, being a master of the English language in writing and word is an exigency 
  • Knowledge of (online) media is what you have. You know all the small(er) and large(r) players, both national and international, that are or could be relevant for Drone Stories
  • In conclusion, you have an affinity with everything that contains a camera and you know what to do with whatever is the result of your photography/filming adventures (edit)

What do I get in return?

  • You will receive a competitive salary
  • You work at a young company that is growing like cabbage and wants to sprout even harder

  • A permanent workplace in the A'DAM Toren (opposite Amsterdam Central)
  • You will fly all over the world and come back with a suitcase full of inspiration and experiences

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